Different professionals for a broad, articulated, clear, innovative, experimental, sustainable and taylor-made plan for the cataloging, management, dissemination and enhancement of works of art and design pieces.

Broad: the project includes all the activities required to make a reality that deals with art, producing and preserving it, both in terms of management, dissemination and enhancement.

Articulated: the project is aimed at artists, heirs and artist archives, private and public art collections, but also museums, galleries, architecture and interior design studios and other realities that exhibit and produce art and culture.

Innovative: the project stems from an in-depth analysis on the current situation of the art world and on the potential represented by new technologies, including virtual ones and by new forms of fruition and new possibilities in the art market, and proposes, defines and activates them according to customer requirements.

Experimental: the project intends to propose new ways of supporting and developing the Client’s art, by responding to real shortcomings and problems of the current art system and by integrating the art world with that of Interior Design and Architecture in a truly operative and virtuous way.

The project was born in a context of an epochal turning point in the economic, social, relational and cultural system of our time: the effects of the international pandemic have radically transformed the dynamics of the art world, demanding new forms of management and enhancement, market and fruition that keep up with epochal changes and transformations.
The reflections and studies carried out by the Art For team analyzed the current situation of the art system, its forms and methods of organization, in order to identify critical issues and planning interpretative mistakes, and design forms and strategic methods of growth and development, for a truly integrated, modular and innovative project aimed at the same world of art and culture.

The Art For project tries to respond to these needs through a work plan that, on a general level, combines traditional art consultancy with those related to new technologies, virtual reality and the art market, developing them in a single path that it is carried out, in full dialogue and harmony with the customer, by a team that includes proven professionals and performs all the functions required to be able to grow and enhance a reality that produces, collects and conserves art.

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