Art Media + art Management

  • Protection of copyright and industrial property;
  • Assistance in drafting and negotiating of any type of contract with reference to the national and international management and circulation of works of art (purchase, loan, deposit, licence, assignment and donation, performance of work, transport and insurance, sale account, mandate to sell, sponsorship, etc.);
  • Legal assistance in judicial proceedings (precautionary proceedings; actions of ordinary cognition; ascertainment of the authenticity of the work in domestic and foreign ordinary and arbitration courts);
  • Analysis of legal implications pertaining to the adoption of new technologies to the art sector (blockchain, smart contracts, digitisation, augmented and virtual reality, tokenization, etc.);
  • Legal assistance in governing the relationship with museum bodies and institutions;
  • E-commerce and off-premises sales in the art sector;
  • Analysis of applicable customs regulations;
  • National and international credit recovery.
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