From art collection management to art wealth management, from exhibition management to art trust, ART FOR, a group of professionals that respond to the demand for new consulting services in the field of Modern and Contemporary Art, is born between Milan, Brescia and Rome.

Art For offers consulting services through a team of professionals able to combine traditional activities (art consulting, art advisory, art law and art taxation, appraisals, general reasoned archives and catalogs) with those related to the most innovative forms of management and enhancement of the market and the fruition of Modern and Contemporary Art.

The new professional services for art

In addition to the consultancy service for the establishment and management of artist archives, according to the paradigms of conservation and scientific filing/cataloguing recognized nationally and internationally and using the latest generation proprietary management software, the new professional services for art offered by Art For range from art collection management (the care and management of private art collections, with reference also to the maintenance and increase in the value of the works over time) to art wealth management (the management and enhancement of their art collections); from art lending (the consultancy service in the financial operation of opening credit or financing against the pledge of one or more works of art or an entire collection) to exhibition management (the definition and implementation of an event or an art exhibition, the management of the budget, the fundraising, marketing and communication strategy); from art sustainability management (the management of the impact of cultural and creative organizations in the environmental, economic and social fields) to consultancy in the establishment of Third Sector entities (foundations, associations), trust and separate assets in relation to art collections.

courtesy Ivan Picelj Archive

courtesy Francesca Pasquali Archive